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Mental Health

Under review May 2021

Mental health, potential minority stressors and resilience: evidence from a cross-sectional survey of gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men within the Celtic nations

McGarty, McDaid, Flowers, Riddell, Pachankis & Frankis

BMC Public Health

Young Man in Therapy

C19 Mental Health

In preprint

Understanding and responding to remote mental health help-seeking by Gay and Bisexual Men who have Sex with Men (GBMSM): a mixed method study conducted in the context of COVID-19.

Strongylou, Flowers & Frankis

Jnl of Health Psychology

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C19 Mental Health

In preparation

What is the impact of social distancing on GBM’s mental and wider health and how does psychological resilience mediate this impact?

Frankis, Strongylou & Flowers

In preparation


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29 March 2018

Low levels of chemsex among men who have sex with men, but high levels of risk among men who engage in chemsex: analysis of a cross-sectional online survey across four countries.

Frankis, Flowers, McDaid & Bourne

Sexual Health

Couple Hugging


18 May 2019

Age-related factors influence HIV testing within subpopulations: a cross-sectional survey of MSM within the Celtic nations

Dalrymple, McAloney-Kocaman, Flowers, McDaid and Frankis.

BMJ Sex Transm Infect

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18 November 2019

 Informing theoretical development of salutogenic, asset-based health improvement to reduce syndemics among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men: Empirical evidence from secondary analysis of multi-national, online cross-sectional surveys 

McDaid, Flowers, Ferlatte, McAloney-Kocaman, Gilbert & Frankis

Social Science & Medicine Population Health

Chinese Medicine

PrEP Acceptability

19 April 2016

Who Will Use Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and Why?: Understanding PrEP Awareness and Acceptability amongst Men Who Have Sex with Men in the UK – A Mixed Methods Study

Frankis, Young, Flowers & McDaid


Prescription Drugs

PrEP Preparedness

22 January 2016

Towards preparedness for PrEP: PrEP awareness and acceptability among MSM at high risk of HIV transmission who use sociosexual media in four Celtic nations: Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland

and The Republic of Ireland: an online survey

Frankis, Young, Lorimer, Davis and Flowers

BMJ Sex Transm Infect

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HIV Testing


Frequency of HIV testing among gay and bisexual men in the UK: implications for HIV prevention

McDaid, Aghaizu, Frankis, Riddell, Nardone, Johnson, Hart and Flowers

HIV Medicine

Businessman on Mobile Phone

Safety and Hook Ups


Location, safety and (non) strangers in gay men’s narratives on ‘hook-up’ apps

Davis, Flowers, Lorimer, Oakland & Frankis


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Regular STI Testing

4 March 2016

Regular STI testing amongst men who have sex with men and use social media is suboptimal – a cross-sectional study

Frankis, Goodall, Clutterbuck, Abubakari & Flowers


Gay Couple



Young men who have sex with men’s use of social and sexual media and sex-risk associations:

cross-sectional, online survey across four countries

Lorimer, Flowers, Davis & Frankis

BMJ Sex Transm Infect